Sugar Baby Stories: Margo aka The Old Sugar Baby

Who are you?

My name is Margo, I am thirty eight years old. I am a Mexican sugar baby who defies the conceptions, age, and traditional beliefs that one cannot be a sugar baby if they are already past twenty five years of age.

All the notions are false as I am a living testimony. It has not been easy though. A couple of men that I have rejected uttered sensitive things to me, but I fully understand why, it is male nature to dislike rejection. I believe I am a quite sensitive person, but on the other hand, I am smart and have a firm character, this has given me a voice.

I am quite silent, the art of persuasion to me comes naturally and it has played a huge role for me in sugaring.

Expectations while starting sugaring?

Sugaring for me started when I was thirty six years old. I was not aware there existed such a fantastic universe until I found myself in a very tricky financial situation.

Some guy I was seeing was aware of the type of life I desired and he told me he wouldn’t be my sugar daddy; thanks to his remarks I joined sugaring.

I was in desperation and fed up with living on the edge. I was really in love with the job I did, but the returns weren’t enough for my expensive taste.

I decided to monetarize my awesome company to enable me to reach my dreams. I admit it is a little bit difficult sugaring in Mexico city. It is not as lucrative as I have researched about NYC or LA. In Mexico, it is totally different compared to these cities in the United States.

The information you need before starting out.

You need to be aware of how to sign and settle an agreement if you are intrested in sugaring. My encounters with Men, I have discovered that they are not willing to open about the agreement since they want it to feel like a normal date and they just want to flow with the moment.

For me, I required a certainty and I needed not to feel like I am begging for money. Due to my expansive experiences, I am in a position to guide you on how to deal with sugaring without being harsh, rude or way too upfront.

Where and how I met my sugar daddy.

My first sugar daddy was after I sought arrangement. He was attracted to me due to my old age, being older meant easier bonding. The sugar daddy was interested in more than physical attraction. He needed a more intimate connection, and a smart mind all these in an attractive body.

The favorite thing about being a sugar baby.

Making money on the first date has always been quite easy for me. one makes a good amount by just having drinks or dinner. I am aware that it is not right to charge a fee for a first-time business meeting, I do believe that if there is no connection, you should not go for the first date and go back home empty-handed. That would be a waste of the makeup and the time taken to get ready for the date.

How to keep a sugar relationship interesting and fun.

Men are like grownup children. All they want is attention. However, you should not use the same formula all the time. You need to be well conversant with your sugar daddy. However all men love sexy surprises, but every man has different desires and interests.

You should give your sugar daddy space too, they look for girlfriends to have fun with no drama. that should be the main rule.No Drama!

Advice to Aspiring sugar babies.

You should not be over fantastic, even though the sugar daddy claims that they are not interested in a serious affair, it is a human nature that they might start developing feelings for you. this has happened to me more than once. the sugar daddies wanted to have a serious relationship with me which is not good for my business. You should ensure that you don’t let him fall in love with you.